Friday, 16 December 2011

Have A Crafty Christmas!

Ok, so I have just over a week to complete my christmas shopping! Eeeeekkkk!!!! This year I'm making a lot of my prezzies (there are a lot of decoupage boxes and drawstring bags getting made) One thing that I LOVE are these tags to use with my sewing projects, they really add a lovely touch to my bags and cushions, it just makes everything look extra special.

Tags bought from Kokosnoot art and design 

As I've mentioned above, I bought these tags from Kokosnoot craft and art supplies shop in Callander. It is one of my favourite shops for crafting supplies (especially ribbon!) and if you happen to be in the area please pay them a visit, you'll be glad that you did. They have a lovely selection of art and craft goodies. To find out more visit their website - (you can also "friend" them on Facebook!)

Kokosnoot - Soooo much ribbon to choose from! I love it! 
I'd like to say thanks to Nic for kind permission to use these photos ( :

One of my cushions featuring "made with love" tag

Christmas prezzies for my friends! Luckily they don't read my blog, so I'm safe to post pics up! (actually the box isn't even finished yet, I still need to decoupage the outside)

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