Monday, 9 September 2013

More Manga

This post is inspired by my last post on drawing Manga and also my Mills & Boon Retro Reading post. I own a few Manga books (girls romance ones - although like Mills & Boon the term romance can be applied in the loosest sense for certain stories) I haven't read any Manga in a long time, so last week I found these Manga books in the sale, 20% off... why not treat myself?

Titled "My Girlfriend's a Geek" rather sweet don't you think?

From what I gathered from the blurb on the back it was a story of guy asks out girl, girl warns him she is a "fujoshi" ( a kind of comics/animations geek) He says he doesn't care about her "hobby" - let the funny and entertaining love story unfold. Well, that was my interpretation of it anyway! Like Tagia (the male lead character) I didn't fully understand what a fujoshi was either.

Image from My Girlfriend's A Geek

Basically Yukio (our fujoshi girl) is a completley obsessed fanatic of a certain manga genre called Yaoi ( look it up, and while you're at it look up fujoshi )  its not a hobby to her its a lifestyle. I loved the artwork in this book but I didn't love the story. I felt sorry for Tagia, Yukio is a complete pain in the backside, a thoroughly dislikeable character. This book was not what I was expecting. I wanted a romance, but Yukio is a thoroughly selfish girl with no thought for her poor boyfriend (although I do question why he doesn't just finish with her) I know, I know...its only a comic book! Ok I'm not really writing a proper review here, just take a look on "Good Reads" the people who have reviewed it there say it better that I could. Click this link MY GIRLFRIEND'S A GEEK REVIEWS I agree with everyone who gave it  two stars or less! 

More Manga!

I do find Manga stories can be a bit hit and miss. From the image above, I love "Mars" (book on the right) and I.N.V.U. (middle book) But as for Hot Gimmick... Stay away!!!! Running out of time here, so I will tell you about those three in a future post. P.S. I'm visiting Glasgow this afternoon, I'm tempted to pay a visit to Forbidden Planet and browse the Manga section! The one thing that is certain about Manga is that even if you don't like the story the artwork is always beautiful.