Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Start Each Day In A Happy Way

Ok, I'm trying encourage positive thinking. So my latest exercise in positive thinking came to me through a lucky purchase in a charity shop (and we all know how much I love charity shops!) I came across this Holly Hobby mug and I love the message on it! So now in the morning when I drink my coffee and contemplate the message on my mug I find that I am making the effort to "start each day in a happy way". It is actually helping me to focus on being positive, and in the morning that requires real effort from me (not being a natural "morning person") Yet another charity shop winning purchase!

Another thing to be happy about - I have finally got my new camera! I've been having great fun testing it out. It even has a set of photo filters on it! below are some photos of my latest vintage style rings (soon to be listed on Etsy) - its about time I had more jewellery photos on here! More to come soon.

 This filter is called "old film"

"Vintage" filter - it has a slight sepia tone to it

Monday, 14 October 2013

Photos from the highlands

I'm not long back from a short holiday ( Nethy Bridge in the Highlands) So not much talking from me in this post - I'll let my holiday pics do that for me!

Dramatic looking deer skull at the Highland Folk Museum

 "Room with a view" at Ruthven Barracks

 Taken at the Highland Folk Museum

Weaving detail at the Highland Folk Museum