Friday, 22 October 2010


Hello, and welcome to the Artizania jewellery blog. As you can see I create jewellery. I originally trained as a goldsmith, however I developed repetitive strain injury and reluctantly had to give up my goldsmithing career. I've now swapped working with gold for working with beads and love it, the beautiful colours and shapes of the beads provide me with endless inspiration!

My work bench - There is order in this chaos!

Engagement and wedding rings that I made for my sister
back in my goldsmithing days.

Packaging that I designed, I use the earring cards I'd love to use
the box, but need to find a cost effective way of producing it.

Celtic Range

I often draw inspiration from my surroundings, in this case the beautiful Scottish countryside  has inspired me to create a range of Celtic jewellery. The range includes bracelets, bagcharms, keyrings and kiltpin brooches.

Highland Heather bracelet

This was inspired by the delicate colours of scottish heather,
 and  is finished off with a Mackenzie tartan bow.

Detail of one of my kiltpin brooches

Bagcharm with Buchanan and Macdonald tartan
Toffee Treacle and Turquoise Rose Bracelets

Boho Beaded Bracelets

Detail of teal necklace
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