Friday, 30 December 2011

New years resolutions...

Ok, so one of my new years resolutions is to improve on my photography! I read a really interesting article this morning about how you can make your product photographs a lot more interesting by using props and creating a scence for your product (in my case jewellery) I always tend to go for the minimalist approach when photographing my jewellery (my thinking was that you need a good clear view of the item with no distractions) but I'm going to give this whole "creating a scene" thing a go, I think its a good idea. When I look at my Etsy store I do tend to think that my photos lack colour and interest, they need livening up! Of course the good thing is that Etsy gives you space for five photos, so there is still room for my minimalist, clean product shots too! Here is my first attempt at a product shot using background props, I really enjoyed playing with the props (a perfume bottle and my jewellery box) and creating a setting for my pendant, and I look forward to taking more photos like this!

This pendant is now listed on Etsy, please click on photograph

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