Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ring Making Workshop!

My next jewellery workshop in Alloa!

Learn how to make a wire wrapped ring and a beaded cluster ring.
Monday 28th Nov, 18.30 - 20.30 at Resonate Art house, Alloa. Cost £20. To book contact Resonate - 01259 928014, email: info@resonate.uk.net


milomade said...

Just noticed this listed on the FCA&C newsletter and I've missed it! Will you be doing another class soon as I'd love to give this technique a try.



Artizania said...

Hello Evie,
I am so sorry for the delayed answer to you comment!!! I just noticed it now! I will email you properly through the contact page on your website. Again, apologies!

Artizania said...

Hello Evie, Tried to get in touch via your contact form but it thought I was a "spammer" so here is my response (I hope you recieve it!)

Hello Evie,
You left a comment on my blog (waaaay back in December) about my wrapped wire ring workshop. First of all I have to apologise for not getting back to you! I am mortified to say that I only noticed your comment today! Aaaarrrgggghhhh!! I have now changed my blogger account to notify me by email when anyone leaves a comment!
I am sorry, it must have appeared really rude!
In response to your question, we do have plans to hold another ring workshop but we dont have a date as such, I imagine that it will be some time in late spring/early summer. However I also hold a "drop in" jewellery club, if you came to that I could certainly show you the wrapped wire ring technique.
I'm glad I discovered you, your work is fantastic! I love what you're doing with the old silver tea-spoons! so clever! I see you're on Facebook so I'm away to "Like" your page!