Monday, 14 November 2011

Happy Holidays!

Last week we were up in Aviemore on holiday. We had a fantastic time (always do, its one of my favourite places!) One day we visited Granton On Spey, and discovered The Craft Lounge -(  a lovely craft shop/gallery selling beautiful handmade work by local artists and also a great selection of crafting goodies (lots of lovely beads! I had to resist the urge to buy!!!!)

The Craft Lounge, we will be back next time we're in Granton!

However one thing that I couldn't resist buying was an amazing Spider ring created by "Becka's Insects"  - ( Beautiful! Becka doesn't just stop at spiders, she also creates butterflies, snails, fairys and beetles. I also admired the beautiful driftwood and woven wire spider's webs that she makes (saving up my pennies for one, definately!)

Stunning Spider rings by Becka's Insects!

I love these driftwood spider webs, beautiful!

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