Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Making Jewellery Wraps

I have been needing jewellery wraps for a while now, finally at the weekend I decided to dig out my trusty sewing machine make my own!  They were great fun to make and the advantage being that I was able to tailor them to my own specifications. They will be so useful for when I'm going out to visit stockists to show them my jewellery. And yes, I finally found a use for some of that wonderful screen printed fabric that I bought at the car boot sale (see my previous post) I have more photos of the creation of my jewellery wraps on my face book page by clicking here FACEBOOK PHOTOS/JEWELLERY WRAPS

Jewellery wrap well underway, note my funky car boot sale fabric!
This did not happen overnight, I still consider myself a beginner
 at sewing so a lot of my spare time was invested in making them up 
Ooops did not notice the massive thread when I took this photo!
 Beautiful lace on the front (yes, another car boot sale fabric find)
My finished wraps, I can't wait to make more!
I'm definitely going to practice my sewing skills, because these would be great to sell - Watch this space!

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