Friday, 30 August 2013

Birthday Card Blythe Doodle!

I'm currently undertaking a HUGE de-clutter at home (no doubt I'll blog about this at a later date) Last week I decided to downsize my book collection, I'm still not 100% finished with that, but nearly there! I donated about 100 books (there is no way I could ever bin a book) I was delighted to find some books that I'd forgotten about, one of them being a book on how to draw manga style characters. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've not drawn in years, but recently I have been thinking about starting to draw again - mainly to relax and also to keep my creativity flowing. So here are the results of my attempt to get back into drawing - its my niece's birthday so I ended up doodling on her birthday card envelope. I hope she likes it!

 My "Girl To GRRRL" how to draw Manga book - Very useful 
I decided to use mini Blythe as my "muse"!

 Started out in Pencil

 Inked in, no going back now!

 I kept adding colour, I was enjoying the process

Finished birthday card doodle! 

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