Saturday, 27 July 2013

Retro Reading

I've been rummaging around the charity shops again and I was lucky enough to find some more classic Mills and Boon romance books. I just love the cover art on Mills and Boon.

Check out the title of the book on the left - Satan's master!!!

I buy these purely for the covers, I did try to read Mills and Boon last time I bought some but  I just couldn't get past the 1970s attitude towards women (just read one, you'll see what I mean) But I don't think I can ignore a book with the title Satan's Master!!!! I'm also very interested to read it because it's set in Scotland.

Satan's Master is the gift that keeps on giving! When I flicked through it I found this fabulous advertisement at the back of the book. Well I think that's my reading sorted out for this evening, for more cover art see my previous blog post "Lets Go Retro"

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