Saturday, 22 December 2012

Happy Christmas (and some interesting Victorian Christmas Cards!)

Hello, I hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and looking forward to happy holidays!


Yesterday while browsing online I found a very emmmm, interesting looking Christmas book, titled "We Wish You A Crazy Christmas" It is a postcard book of Victorian Christmas Cards (see my post from last December, I love Victorian Christmas Cards) I wish I'd discovered it a couple of weeks ago I would have bought it in time for Christmas. I shall definitely be buying it and will save it for next Chritmas! Ha ha! Here is a picture of the front cover! I can't wait to see the postcards inside.

Pretty Crazy looking, I am desperate to see inside this book!

Here are samples of  typical Victorian Christmas cards. Well it is Christmas after all, the time to share.

Apologies to the vegetarians out there

 They get a lot stranger, just do an internet search for "Weird Victorian Christmas Cards" and see what you can find. On that note, I'll finish this post and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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