Thursday, 5 July 2012

Setting The Scene With Vintage Magazines

I love to spend my spare time looking for the unusual in charity shops and car boot sales (provided they dont start at 6am! which unfortunatley a lot of them do) I've had some lucky finds recently in the form of vintage magazines! I bought a huge pile of "The Tatler And Observer" from a local car boot sale, plus my favourite charity shop provided me with a "Woman's Outlook" from 1952! The last time I was up in Forres at the Logie Steading book shop I discovered two lovely vintage beauty magazines from the 1940s. I've started to use my magazines as a backdrop for my jewellery photography, some of the adverts in the magazines are great! I'm always on the look out and my collection keeps on growing. I also collect romance comics and annuals (mainly 1970s/80s) But I'll save that for a future blog post...

"Woman's Outlook" - sourced from my local charity shop

Advert detail from "The Tatler And Bystander"

Rebel Red! Really Exciting!

Yes, my pendants are "Hollywood's new fashion!"

These rose cabouchons will be made into earrings,
they look great with this vintage magazine background

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